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1. Linear Equations in One Variable


This video gives the fundamental understanding of linear equations. By the end of this video, student will be able to understand the difference between an expression & an equation.

2. Linear Equations in One Variable

Word Problems

Learn the art of solving word problems by extracting the data given & use them to get the right solution. By the end of this video you'll be able to tackle word problems efficiently.

3. Roots of the Quadratic Equation

This video gives a detailed explanation about all the 3 methods of finding the roots of the Quadratic Equation. A step-by-step comprehensive solution will enable the students to understand the methods more precisely.

4. Trigonometry


This video focusses on the fundamental concept of trigonometry, it's identities & practical life applications of the topic. As the chapter will see progress in other tutorials, you'll find yourself ready with the basics of the chapter by the end of this video.

5. Trigonometry

Beginner's Exercise

Once you're aware with the trigonometric identities, take another step & learn how to apply the formulae in the questions. This tutorial gives you the basic understanding about the same & helps you to increase your confidence in tackling this chapter. By the end of this tutorial you'll be able to solve the basic questions of trigonometry efficiently.

6. Trigonometry

Value of certain specific angles

After you get acquainted with the basics, you have to understand the values of the identities with certain specific angles. This tutorial focusses on few such angles which would further help you to solve more advanced questions related to trigonometry.

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